Non Stick Coatings

After 25 years of experience in the field of bakery & pastry, GNPORT Pourtouloglou Company created a new manufacturing facility that specializes in Teflon non-stick coating.

Our non-stick coating is characterized by:

Top quality
Heat resistence
Long lifespan

Other applications

Non-stick coating can be applied not only on bakery or pastry ware, but also in various other sectors of production, such as tanks, containers, rotogravure or flexography ink tanks, waffle irons, crepe makers.

Second-hand products

Professionals (bakers – confectioners) are also given the chance to send us their used utensils for non-stick coating, which is applied through special processing and cleaning.

The advantages of our non-stick coating

Requires less or no greasing of the baking trays or molds
Easy removal of the baked product
Easy to clean
Corrosion resistance
High temperature resistance (up to 260°C)
Approved pursuant to the relevant Regulations of EU

Maintenance instructions for cookware with non-stick coating

Do not clean the cookware with wire brushes or knives, as their surface will be destroyed.
Clean the cookware with water or mild soap. Acids and alkalis can damage the non-stick coating.
Before storing or stacking, make sure that the baking trays or molds are completely dry.
Do not bake on wet or empty cookware.
When stacking and handling baking trays and molds, be careful not to damage the non-stick coating.
It is extremely important to store the cookware in a clean and dry place.
Remove the baked product from the cookware as quickly as possible.